We are builders!

Terra Firma is a building company. We design and build some of the highest performance, most ecologically sustainable, and longest lasting buildings available today.

We strive to continually push the limits of innovative “beyond-green” building and environmentally responsible design.

Not only do we love to share our knowledge and teach others about sustainable, high quality building practices, but we are also builders and we love to build!

Terra Firma Builders has been in the rammed earth design and construction business for 25 years and has developed the logistics of delivering an exceptional product (SIREWALL) that out-performs all other rammed earth on the market.

As a three-time recipient of ‘Best Homebuilder in BC’ award, from the Canadian Homebuilders Association, we’ve got the creative and professional experience to deliver on your dreams.

Why choose Terra Firma Builders?

You want your home built by the most experienced insulated rammed earth people in the world; that’s us.

You view your home as an opportunity for artistic expression; we delight in being able to offer artistic options through variations is forming, mixing, delivery, and ramming techniques.

You don’t want something quick and dirty; we will work hard and efficiently to ensure the highest quality outcomes.

You consider your new home an investment in the environment, in the quality of your life, and in the future; we will go to extremes to create the lasting, low-footprint home you envision.

Further considerations

Who Designs it?

The client will find someone they feel comfortable with. Terra Firma has plenty of experience designing smaller homes and collaborating with architects on larger homes.

What factors decide the cost?

Our primary aim has been to shift the emphasis on our buildings away from maximizing square footage, moving the discussion towards other benefits of a beautiful, sustainable, healthy home. We believe that cost and values are intertwined; the reality is that you can’t build green for cheaper as the current building system is not set up for it.

The cost of building with SIREWALL is typically 15% more than a conventional building, and you get so much more:

  • health benefits
  • stellar energy efficiency
  • durability
  • improved acoustics
  • non-toxic materials
  • non-disposable products
  • the legacy of a long-lasting and beautiful home.

I’m interested in hiring Terra Firma to design and/or build my new home. What’s the next step?

We’d love to make your project the best it can be!

Call us or use our contact form for a free initial consultation to see if what we do is a fit with what you envision.



Getting intimate with dirt to make something beautiful is when SIREWALL really starts to make sense.



lets-connect-buttonWe’d love to make your project the best it can be!



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