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Summer 2017 Practicum Course is now over – many thanks to our wonderful participants!

Our most popular course: 6 Day SIREWALL Practicum

6 Day SIREWALL Practicum // Salt Spring Island, BC

Joss Krayenhoff (SIREWALL Master Earth Mason, Owner of Terra Firma Builders and SIREWALL USA) hosts this multi-day course featuring SIREWALL’s industry leading techniques and building systems.

When:  2018 Course Dates TBD

Location: Terra Firma Builders Research Centre, Salt Spring Island, BC

Course Overview:

  • Participants are immersed in building the SIREWALL way in a hands on environment. The scope of the walls to be built will be tailored to the size of the class.
  • Learn the history of SIREWALL development; we’re proud to share about our journey to success—warts and all!
  • Experience hands-on forming, delivery and compaction of a SIREWALL
  • Tour existing SIREWALL homes that vary in size and quality of niche.
  • Take a virtual trip around the world to understand the global rammed earth context and SIREWALL’s influential place within it.
  • Opportunities to engage in conversation with our highly experienced and knowledgable team on a range of exciting design, engineering, and ‘deep green’ topics.

Gain insight on how rammed earth can be built in a range of climates; our team has 20 years of R&D and experience and knows what it takes to build incredibly strong walls that last—in almost any environment! Learn how you can put ideas in motion and move this technology forward to make a difference in the world.

* Fees include coffee, tea and locally crafted pastries in the morning as well as a daily lunch.

Photos from past courses on Salt Spring Island, BC

Course FAQs

What will students learn by taking a course?

Students will learn exactly what they came to learn. It is extremely rare that participants leave with unanswered questions, despite some of them coming with very long lists! The main benefit to the amount of group-learning we offer is that participants leave with answers, even to questions they hadn’t yet thought to ask.

Why do you teach SIREWALL?

We became disillusioned with conventional homebuilding and made the move to SIREWALL. It is so important that people stop building toxic, disposable homes as such practices wreak havoc on the environment and are largely responsible for climate change. Building with SIREWALL is a sustainable solution that can lead to positive change, and we’re passionate about spreading the word.

Who are the courses designed for?

The courses are designed for people from all walks of life.

Those who have already benefitted from our courses include:

  • architects
  • building inspectors
  • developers
  • DIYers
  • engineers
  • environmental ambassadors
  • first-time builders
  • green-building enthusiasts
  • interior designers
  • technologists
  • tradespeople.

What people get out of the course is driven by what they want to learn. For some people the engineering segment is the most interesting, while others benefit most from touring houses we’ve built.

Some people love the networking with like minded individuals, while others are moved and enlightened by the depth and breadth of our green conversations.

Those who continue on to the practicum gain a deep and tactile understanding of the inherent pleasure in building in a way that not only aligns up with their values, but that is also a fun team-based endeavour.

What is shared by almost all participants is the realization that what is now possible in building goes far beyond what conventional building offers.

Praise for our courses from our wonderful attendees