Terra Firma is committed to supporting people who want to build exemplary legacy homes and buildings using SIREWALL.

Many of the homes shown here have had significant owner input, either during the design phase, the building phase, or in helping stretch the SIREWALL technology.

One of the great pleasures from working in this field is the range of people we get to work with, and the homes that are the end result of synchronistic values are something to be proud of.

Otter Limits

Custom Features Rammed earth columns on either side of headboard frame the master bed Use of interior rammed earth creates...
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Unique Passive Solar

Custom Features Passive solar design leverages mass storing capabilities and insulative qualities of SIREWALLS Thick SIREWALLS create an acoustical barrier...
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Lakeside Grand Piano

Custom Features Designed for a steep narrow site, the home’s sawtooth shape responded to the space available, optimizing south lake...
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Eco Prototype House

Custom Features Characters are carved into the formwork to have the rammed earth stand proud (emboss technique) Technical Details Notice...
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Modern Tiny-Cabin

Custom Features The Core Ten steel was selected to encourage natural weathering Compact design with a very high degree of...
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Bachman’s Music Studio

Custom Features The artistic creativity of this project made it an absolute joy (sculptures, shells, fossils, rocks, and a variety...
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Bachman Residence

Custom Features The artistic creativity of this project made it an absolute joy to build (sculptures, shells, fossils, rocks, metals,...
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West Coast Artist Studio

Custom Features This studio’s healthy environment acts as a sanctuary for the owner who suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) Client...
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Everything you need to know about the most technically advanced rammed earth wall system on the planet…



Getting intimate with dirt to make something beautiful is when SIREWALL really starts to make sense.