SIREWALL (Structural Insulated Rammed Earth wall) is a proprietary building technology that offers hope for a bright and sustainable future.

Its development has intentionally ignored short-term thinking metrics such as initial cost and initial embodied energy, the use of which have had severe detrimental effects on the environment and have contributed significantly to our climate crisis.

Why do we build exclusively with SIREWALL?

We build with SIREWALL because it aligns with our philosophy and helps us achieve our mission.

Building with SIREWALL answers our need for environmental and artistic expression. We have not found anything that comes close in these aspects, and neither have our clients.


Benefits of SIREWALL follow:

And this is only the short list!


In terms of attenuation, or passage of sound, SIREWALL is at least 10 times better than a double framed “party wall”. When it comes to sound quality, SIREWALL’s textured surface scatters sound waves rather than reflecting them (which creates echo). This improves sound quality.


Biomimicry brings us closer to nature and can address the nature deficit present in most built structures. This is in sharp contrast to entire cities where artifice and veneer has become normal. “White bread building” is seldom questioned and quality has become defined as creating environments that are uniform in colour and texture.

SIREWALL’s heft and lack of uniformity in colour and texture directly addresses this mechanistic, disposable modality.


With no moving parts to maintain or break down, SIREWALL creates comfort with little to no need for heaters, air conditioners, humidifiers, or dehumidifiers.

Cradle to cradle

At end of life, all materials can be reused for the same purpose, resulting in no further resource extraction or landfilling.


SIREWALL’s durability is measured in hundreds or thousands of years; these are not disposable buildings.


SIREWALL was one of the first products to be certified under the Living Product Challenge. It has a dynamic Rvalue of at least R50 and can be easily increased, as need be.


SIREWALL is not only free from harmful toxins, making it Red List ready, but it also meets the requirements of the world’s most demanding green building standard, the Living Building Challenge.

Life cycle embodied energy

SIREWALL technology rates very high in this arena due to lifespan and +R50 dynamic Rvalue. This allows us to think in the long-term when it comes to building, helping the industry escape its entrenched “disposable” mindset and approach.

Local economy

It uses over 90% local materials and labour.

Resilience to climate change

Buildings made with SIREWALL can survive extreme temperatures, flooding, fires, and migrating insect infestations.


SIREWALLs are engineered to withstand the 1 in 500 year event in Seismic Zone 5 (e.g.: L.A., San Francisco).


Getting intimate with dirt to make something beautiful is when SIREWALL really starts to make sense.



We are here to support those who are bold and willing to take action.



Everything you need to know about the most technically advanced rammed earth wall system on the planet.