You want to build green!


You are a professional general contractor or have a concrete sub-trade business. Perhaps you have been asked to do rammed earth work and you don’t know where to begin, or even if you want to take it on.

You are drawn to the beauty, and understand the business case for getting into green building early.

You appreciate that being among the first to do something that catches easy media attention will bring repeat business and you want to be the one to get that repeat business.

You recognize the value of SIREWALL’s brand, affiliations, history, patents and IP, and certifications.

Why Terra Firma?

We recognize that many builders are tired of the old materials and practices; they want to carve a niche, create a unique brand, and get a jump on competition. If you are forward thinking, and have a client who is interested in going forward with rammed earth, we think we may be a good fit.

Here’s how we can help:

Pro Builders’ Package

How does it work?

We have determined the 3 ways that most rammed earth project go sideways and provide solutions in our Pro Builders’ Package. The amount of support you will need depends on the scale and complexity of the project that you are undertaking.

We will happily provide complimentary quotes for up to two Pro Builders’ Packages; each additional pricing request will cost $50 US.




SBA stands for SIREWALL Base Admixture and is an essential ingredient. It is hydrophobic and adds strength. The quantity required is based on the scale of your project.

Mix design

Mix design is the process of determining the optimal mix of ingredients and proportions, given the soils that are available in a geographic area.

Most rammed earth companies don’t do mix design at all. Some use concrete mix design techniques, usually with poor results; others put soils in a bottle of water and shake to see how the soils settle out. Neither technique employs the science specific to rammed earth that allows for results with strengths higher than basic concrete, without adding extra cement.

Without mix design it’s not SIREWALL.

Our Consultation

Once you send us your building design, we can then have a conversation regarding the best ways to form, deliver, ram, and strip, taking into account what’s available locally. Questions will undoubtedly come up, and we are always there to provide technical support.

Intellectual Property Rights

By purchasing a Pro Builders’ Package you obtain permission from SIREWALL to use their Intellectual Property for a single project.

Optional tools and Products

Rammed earth tampers

There are repetitive and familiar failures to most commercially available tampers (which aren’t designed for rammed earth). We are beginning to manufacture a more durable and worker friendly rammed earth tamper, which our limited field trials approve of.

Until we gather robust field data on our tampers’ performance, we will be selling them for the lowest prices you will find the industry.

Compressive testing molds

Most rammed earth builders don’t do compressive testing (and that lack of professionalism gives rammed earth a bad name). Those that do, will typically ram into 6” PVC pipe. The problem with this (aside from supporting the PVC industry) is that the pipe will go fluidly ovoid as the ramming is being done, which isn’t representative of the stiff forms that the rammed earth will be rammed into. The result is strengths that aren’t representative!

It is possible to buy off-the-shelf 6” diameter by 12” tall concrete molds made of steel, but the top is really hard to ram. We have a limited run of 6” diameter by 16” tall rammed earth molds made of steel, available for purchase.

Do you think your company might be a fit? If so, contact us for a conversation to explore this option.


Getting intimate with dirt to make something beautiful is when SIREWALL really starts to make sense.



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