Unique Passive Solar

Project Info

Project Description

Custom Features

  • Passive solar design leverages mass storing capabilities and insulative qualities of SIREWALLS
  • Thick SIREWALLS create an acoustical barrier from the busy road
  • Kitchen cabinets are made from locally milled & kiln-dried broad leaf maple
  • Rot proof, insect proof, fire resistant, earthquake safe, no dry rot
  • Durable recycled rubber tire shingles for curving rooftop
  • Integrated indoor/outdoor living spaces
  • Ground level gutters create a visual crisp roof edge plus rainwater falls from 4-foot overhangs is captured for the landscape water system
  • Southfacing soffits are tilted up at the angle of the winter solstice sun at noon, minimizing winter soffit shading

Technical Details

  • Conserving energy, radiant floor heating is combined with over 100 tons of thermal mass from insulated (R33) rammed earth, R56 roof, and R20 floors
  • Controlling humidity within a few percentage points is achieved through the humidity flywheel effect of rammed earth
  • Second storey light-tunnel supplies natural light to the north side of the home, balancing the light from the south
  • Radiant tubing, run through an interior rammed earth wall, creates a “radiant wall”

Awards & Recognition

  • 2002 CARE People’s Choice Award
  • 2003 Best Home Builder in BC Small Volume Silver
  • 2003 Georgie Award Best Environmental Consideration and Energy Efficiency
  • 2003 Georgie Award Best Single Detached Home 2,000 – 2,999 sq.ft.
  • 2003 CARE Award for Environmental Achievement
  • 2003 CARE People’s Choice Award
  • 2003 Silver CARE Award: Best Single Family Detached Custom Home 1,800 – 2,999 sq.ft.

Location: Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
Designer / Builder: Terra Firma Builders