Lakeside Grand Piano

Project Info

Project Description

Custom Features

  • Designed for a steep narrow site, the home’s sawtooth shape responded to the space available, optimizing south lake views and creating a (north) light-filled garden
  • Glass backsplash in kitchen provides an easy to clean surface while keeping the beauty of the rammed earth
  • Lakeside rammed earth wall gathers and stores afternoon heat, radiating to the seating area after sunset
  • Locally-sourced earth and reusable forms reduce construction waste plus metal roof ensures no toxic run off
  • Kitchen design puts the Chef at the center of the action: lake views, clear sight lines of garden, front entrance, studio, and living area
  • Special attention to view corridors, glass block windows are used to create side lighting for the display area

Technical Details

  • Texturing the rammed earth with a 600-micron finish improves musical acoustics from the grand piano
  • Conserving energy, radiant floor heating plus over 100 tons of thermal mass from insulated (R33) rammed earth keep the home comfortable
  • Controlling humidity within a few percentage points is achieved through the humidity flywheel effect of the SIREWALLs

Awards and Recognition

  • One Gold and five Silver CARE Awards Canadian Home Builders’ Association of British Columbia 2009 CARE Awards

Location: Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
Architect / Designer: SIREWALL Inc.

Builder: Terra Firma Builders