What is Terra Firma Builders?

Based on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Terra Firma Builders is a small, family owned company and the world leader in implementing SIREWALL technology (see below). Building with an environmentally-sound system such as SIREWALL is how we express respect towards future generations as well as the environment that nourishes us. We started out in the early 1990s exclusively as builders, but have since evolved into an organization that is passionate about helping others utilize SIREWALL technology.


We are a company that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with modern rammed earth.

The world’s tallest, strongest, and longest modern rammed earth walls are all Terra Firma projects.


It’s time to rethink entrenched methods of building


We believe that the scale of the effects of climate change demands a bold intervention, and that SIREWALL can be a large part of a solution.

We are here to help people who value the future of our species rethink entrenched methods of building, and to help them build beautiful and highly functional structures using SIREWALL.


Here’s the scoop on the origins and evolution of this remarkable building material.



We are here to support those who are bold and willing to take action.



Everything you need to know about the most technically advanced rammed earth wall system on the planet.